Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've joined the world of the blogger's!

I have been playing around with the whole blogger thing for months and never do anything with it, so here goes! Be patient! My whole interest in blogging is the scraper's blogs! I love looking at everyone's pages and reading their daily stories! So here is a couple of my favorite layouts that I have done recently and hopefully I can contribute to the scrapper blogger world!

Credits: The only element that I used that

wasn't mine was the stacked photo effect

from Jen Caputo. I duplicated the photo to black

and white and then added the color!

Font: CK Bella

This is my favorite kit from Shelle by Designs

Magnolia Kit

Font: Lucinda Handwriting

The Template is from HappyScrapGirl


Happy Scrap Girl said...

Hey Sassy!
Great blog, Love the LO's esp the one with the cherries! Too cute.

Anonymous said...

mm.. 10x for ..