Friday, November 21, 2008

Move Along, Move Along!!!!

Nothing to see here!!! Join me at my new home on the web! Pixie Keepsakes!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pssst!!! My Own Blog Train!

OK! So if my new blog wasn't pretty enough before it is simply breathtaking now!!! I had Flergs give me a whole makeover! If I could only be so lucky in real life! LOL! So this is my absolute last post on this blog! I have been playing with my new blog for weeks now trying to get it all ready! I have a few more things to do but it is simply gorgeous! I have been teasing you for 3 weeks with an addon pack for my 'Retro Fall' kit. So here goes...

Here are the links for the 'Retro Fall' mini kit... Download here and here
*Important* This is the same kit as the one at SUN for the contest. Just in case you don't want to download the same thing!

You can get the add-on pack on my NEW Blog
There are 5 extra papers and 1o extra elements. Don't miss the Bonus Owl!!!
Please bookmark my new blog, tonight will be my last post on this blog!

Grab the add-on here!

Don't forget to leave me some love! I love hearing from you!

New Blog...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time for a change!

So we have found Ellie and her new home, or should I say Studio! Congrats Ellie! I don't know if all of you know this but this is a huge step in the digital scrapbooking world! I've been teasing your for a few months now about a new blog! Well, it's still not perfect but it's time for a change! In more ways than one! I am also taking new steps in the digital scrapbooking world! Here is my first step! I hope you will join me...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where's Ellie???

So you found your way to me! Are you ready for your next freebie and link? Are we getting closer? You'll find out! Here is your next freebie! Inside is tomorrow's link and another fabulous template from Lisa! Lisa has saved me this week! Thank you Lisa, you are a true Angel!!!

Download Here

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Night Out!

Tonight I get to get all dressed up and attend a yearly event that my husbands company provides every October. We stay in a 5 star resort, have an incredible dinner and most importantly, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning! I am very excited! I am in need of a night away from the kids, we both are.
Just a few things before I leave. We have brought the Speed Scrap to Scrapbookgraphics...

Tomorrow night at 8pm(est) we will have a mgl Style Speed Scrap in the SBG Chat Room. I will be hosting tomorrow and would love to see you there!

Also, for those of you in my area(Mesa, Az) There is a benefit concert for Stephanie(NieNie Dialogues) and Christian Nielson at Mountain View High School Auditorium tonight at 7pm. Mindy Gledhill, who is one of Stephanie's childhood friends and singer/songwriter will be performing. NieNie's girls Claire and Jane will be performing a song with her. There will be crying! But what a wonderful thing! People are actually flying in from Colorado, California and Buffalo to attend this event. Tickets are still available!

$15 tickets available now at

and at Pioneer Book in Mesa

2820 E University Dr # 102

Mesa, AZ 85213
(480) 832-8433
If you don't know about the details about NieNie there are links on my sidebar. I read her sisters blog daily to get updates! You will be amazed by the generosity of the blogging world, or maybe you won't, it's so big yet so small. I promise you will laugh and you will cry. The latest news is that the doctor's are slowly waking her up from her 2 month slumber!
I made some flair buttons for you today to sport on your blogs or forums if you wish. They are 600px so you will need to resize them down. I also included the PSD format for my flair so that you can make your own flair! I would love to see what you come up with!
Download Here

Don't you love my new product preview! Flerg's is the best!
Also, make sure you check our Angels' team blog tomorrow, we will be starting our Where's Ellie Week. This means a blog hop and a daily download for you. We will search for Ellie until we find where her new home could be!!!

One more thing! I have entered a Design Contest at SunshineStudioScraps! YAY! My first assignment is due Tuesday by midnight! Stay tuned and wish me luck!

That's all for now! I am all packed and ready to go for my night away! Have a fabulous weekend! I hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Speed Scrap!

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Team blog for mgl Scraps!!!

I'm now on Monica's(mgl Scraps) Creative Team and part of her Team Blog! Fun Stuff! You will have to check it out! There are some fun new things happening in the next few weeks! Can't wait to reveal some of them! Until I can I guess I will show you my latest layouts with Monica's 'Nameless kit' hint-available in her grab bag soon to be opened up! Both are layouts of Hunter...

So to recap... Monica's new Blog here.
Monica's new Team Blog here and
Studio mgl here.
And, fun changes coming....that's all I can say!

Ok, and do you want a sneak peak of my new Header! Made by Flergs down under...

Isn't it beyond gorgeous? Thank you Flerg's for the header and Thank you Ellie for making me a new beautiful blog! (To be revealed very soon!)

Until later! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Got me some lovin's!!!

I keep waiting to post until I had a freebie to give all of you, but at this rate I may never post. I have gotten 3 sweet awards that I have been shamelessly neglecting. So while I am sitting here watching my little guy tot around my house, forgetting how stinking cute it is when they first start walking and trying to ignore the fact that i have 5 kids today(watching my friend Misti's kids) and one of them just hid in my dryer, I am going to write a post.

First of all, sweet JillianRoze sent me an 'I love your blog' award...

...and then another fun member from my CafeMom group PinkaholicMom from Aloha Monkey Tales tagged me. By the way she has a way cute blog and then another blog dedicated to 'Twilight' which I haven't checked out yet because I just finished the 3rd book.

Then this morning I had another message from sweet JillianRoze(PriddySweetScraps).

This award is called the
"Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around The World Award".
Originally this award was written in Spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world.

So I am supposed to tell you 8 things about myself that you didn't know, I hope I can think of that many!

1- I have 6 brothers and 4 sisters.

2- I've been to Hawaii once when I was 12. (Too young to fully appreciate the beauty)

3- I was born in Oregon.

4- I wrote a screen play when I was 13. (I didn't like the way North and South ended)

5- I fed all the stray cats when I was little so they would stay and we'd end up keeping them.

6- I played the violin for 6 years.

7- I had a horse when I was 4.

8- I have a tatoo on my back of daisies and ivy.

Whew! I had to dig deep there. And now to pass these on. These people have awesome blogs, are amazing people in some way or are truly good friends and some, all of the above... TAG, you're it!

Ellie Lash

Flerg's (Have you seen her new blog)




NieNie (Still being updated by her sister)

CJaneRun (NieNie's sister)

Aloha Monkey

Rachel (A friend since I was in 7th grade)



I know I could think of a ton more!

Also, I have had some requests for me to tell the my daughter and the bishop story so quickly, here goes...

We have our primary presentation and so the kids sit up on the stand. Hensley is a sunbeam so she is right in front and the bishop is sitting directly behind her. I don't know why, maybe she's got a huge badankadonk that I don't realize but she always, always has a wedgie, ALWAYS! So Hensley in the middle of the presentation lifts her dress up almost to her head and pulls out her wedgie, with the bishop directly behind her! What are you going to do? I always thought little girls were prim and proper! I have learned a lot having a girl!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My daughter mooned the Bishop

We had our primary presentation today at church. Hensley was in it this year as a Sunbeam and well, the title says it all!

The End

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some fun news and a freebie!

OK everyone! I have made my final decision, I'm sure no one else has as hard a time than me with making decisions that just really aren't that crucial! LOL! My blog is almost ready but I have decided to keep my digital scrapbooking here on this blog.
So, for my fun news, I actually have a few fun things. First of all, I went onto my Cafe Mom group this morning and I have hit over 1,000 members! How did that even happen? I started it because I couldn't find a group and wanted to connect with other digital scrapbookers. I was afraid no one would even join! Now a little over a year my group is over 1,ooo and I'm on the creative team of my favorite designer. Even better than that, Ellie has become a good friend. We had dinner at Chili's last week and let me tell you she is as sweet in person as she is in our little scrapbook community. I leant her my Twilight and New Moon books(because I haven't finished Eclipse or Breaking Dawn yet) and she has read the whole series twice since then. So if you are a Twilight fan go to Ellie's blog because she is requesting feedback about the interest of some Twilight freebies! Yes Ellie Please!!!
Also, Ginger from Gingerscraps Freebies blog has opened her own store!!! YAY! (She is having server problems at the moment but keep checking back) Ginger is one of my members at CafeMom and is the sweetest person ever. I went to her website last night and clicked on her team members link and all her team is from our group, including her sister Julie, Jill from Priddy Sweet Designs and Becka, who does the most amazing layouts!!! I'm so proud, I have a little tear in my eye! LOL! She has a couple of fun freebies but this one is my favorite...

Why aren't you designing Melanie? Good question! I've got a few things in the works that I am really excited about but more about that later!
One more fun announcement! Tracy, my fellow team member has opened her own store also! Yay Tracy! She has some really cute products in there and her site is sooo cute! She has an awesome Halloween kit out called 'All Hollow's Eve' and I have already played with it. Here is my fun page...
And as a special treat to you, Tracy has given me permission to give all of you the Quick Page to my layout! Thank you Tracy! So here is your QP...

Download Here

Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Well, as you can see I have started dressing up my blog again. I'm finding it hard to part with my sassypixie blog but then my wordpress blog is soooo pretty. I haven't decided quite yet if my wordpress blog will be a design blog or my personal blog. Decisions Decisions! I can't stay long, I have to pick up my house that my son has ransaked while I was on the computer this morning. I get to go to a salon and get MY hair done by someone other than me. I am in for a fall change! YAY! I will be back soon with updates and a freebie!!! I have something wonderful in the works. Until then, have a fabulous day!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chat Tomorrow!

I have been sooo bad at blogging! I actually have my new wordpress blog thanks to Miss Ellie but I haven't finished making it way cute yet and you know me! Hopefully the next few days I will be making the switch! I wanted to let you all know about a fun chat going on tomorrow at Sunshine Studio Scraps. Ellie and Vasco(Moon Scraps) have a fabulous collaboration kit coming out tomorrow! I've gotten to play with it already!!!

Don't forget to check out the team blog tomorrow to see what Ellie is releasing tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Be Patient!

Yes, I am at it again! LOL!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where are my widgets???

My widgets are gone! Oh my! I was playing with my blog again and bye bye! But I am actually getting ready to transition over to word press! I find it a lot more user friendly since I've been writing the team blog! I will let you know! So in the meantime, if you need me just shoot me a comment!
Hensley started preschool today. YAY! I actually tried to get her into a five day a week one but it hasn't happened yet! LOL! Hayden is getting used to his schedule and Hunter is already in trouble with teachers. His problem is he is too smart. He challenges everything you say and talks down to you! His Spanish teacher is not liking it! What can you do? His mom says it's no big deal. I guess she wouldn't since she's the same way!
Landon is still not walking yet! It looks like he is going to be like his brother and sister and wait until 13 months. I really think he could he just won't.
I am officially not on ScrapMatters CT as of yesterday. They should be announcing their new CT soon. It's kind of bittersweet, I will miss them but then I will have more time to do things that I have put off. I scrapped myself crazy the last week of the month! I will try to put a slide show up today or tomorrow. I did well over 20 layouts the month of August! Whew!
So, I will be back soon with a freebie and maybe a new blog! This one will still be here with the link to my new one and all my freebies on this blog will remain active!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy Monday!!!

Ohhh, it is such a lazy day! I have been down all weekend with what I'm guessing is a migraine. I've never had them before but I have been so sick and my head just kills and it makes me feel sick! Fun huh! I am feeling a little better today but I definitely am not feeling myself!!! I have been really busy with the new blog which I am having so much fun working on Ellie's team!!! My parents came into town, school started again and the baby had his 1st birthday last weekend. I think I just had too much going on at once.

So, as I mentioned before, my little Hayden started school. He's kind of having a hard time getting used to those long hours again. Hunter is doing good in 8th grade but he's never had a hard time with school, except for thinking he knows more than the teachers and then they don't like that very much! LOL!

Landon turned one on the 10th and I just can't figure out where the year has gone! He is such an awesome baby! He cracks me up daily! He is the happiest little boy! He truly is my little angel!
My sister-in-law and I went to Kiddie Kandids last Thursday and got Landon's 1 year pictures and Teaghan's 1 month pictures taken! They all turned out perfect!

Aren't all those just precious! I'm just so relieved that my baby is 1 year and sleeping through the night! I don't envy the newborn stage at all! She is precious though! I am really enjoying holding her, loving on her and then giving her back to mom and dad! It's usually the other way around!

Not much else is going on! My parents went back to Utah and will be back in October. Hensley will start preschool the day after labor day, she is asking to go to school everyday and can't understand why she can't go!

As for my scrapbooking, I have been busy getting Quick Pages done for the blog, of course I changed my blog again after working with the 'She Dreams' kit. It is one of my favorites. Here are a few things that I worked on this last week...

I've already used this picture but it just worked perfect with the page. This is my 1st QP for the blog.

This is my 2nd QP. My mom brought this dress from Utah for Hensley! It is the prettiest little Sunday Dress.

This layout was for the Speed Scrap last Monday at ScrapMatters. I love this picture of Landon. I actually just caught it at the right time. He was smiling up at my mom when we were at Lagoon in Utah back in June. The kit I used is 'Country Stars' from Ellie Lash.

I've made some freebies this week also. They are for the team blog and available there.

This a template made by yours truly. It is for Challenge Me Thursday... it is a journaling challenge to tell a story of your pictures.

This is the WordArt that goes with the QP download of the day.

And this is for the Weekend Project. It is a template for a Bingo Card. You can customize your cards however you want. I used the 'So Sweet' mini kit that was part of Ellie's Grab Bag.

Also, don't forget that there is still the Download of the day. You can find all of these fabulous treats at our Ellie's Angels' CT Blog.

I also have received a fun little reward from sweet JillianRoze but I will have to come back in the next couple of days to pass this on! My children are losing patience with this long blog post!

On a very,very sad note, NieNie from nieniedialogues and her mr. nielson were in an private airplane crash here is Arizona. I'm really not sure what is going to happen. The pilot died yesterday. I am very sad!

I will see you soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pardon My Mess!!!

Yes, I am remodeling again! I don't know why for sure! Just wanted something different...again! Will be back soon with a way cute blog and a new post! Meanwhile, don't forget about the Daily Download over at our Angels' Blog.

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's A Blog Train!!!

You are on the blog train!!! Welcome to my little corner of the world! You are in Sunny and very Hot Arizona!!!

Pick up your freebie here and keep going west until you reach the beautiful coast! Heather has quite the treat for you!!!

Download Here

Heather is your next stop...

Need to backtrack? Here are the first 18 stops...



















Have a great trip!!!

Our new CT Blog is up and running!!!

I am excited to tell you that after working very hard to get everything up and running, our official CT Blog is ready to go! You can check it out here. Tracy put the 1st post up early, early this morning and then I will be back later today to feature Ellie's new products and host a new challenge for our debut!!! We are waiting until this afternoon for ScrapMatters to open their brand new beautiful site! Looks more like 4pm PST before it will be ready! So check back in a little while because there will be a blog train and I will have a freebie on my blog!!! But for now go check out our new CT blog! There will be a download a day for our first month!!!

In a more personal note. Hayden and Hunter started school on Wednesday! It came really fast this year! Although I am not complaining! On the 1st day Hayden ended up on the wrong bus and back at the school! Yes, similar thing happened last year too! I haven't even put the pictures on my computer yet so I will have to post those later. Landon's birthday is in 2 days! I can't believe he will be 1. This year has flown by!!!

All right! That's it for this morning! Check back later for the blog train!!! It will start in ScrapMatters forum!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


We will be starting the new team blog next Friday 8/8/08 to coordinate with the re-grandopening of ScrapMatters! Fun things to come! Keep checking back!

Scroll down to the next post for the FREEBIE!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Oh my, this might be a long post! I haven't posted forever!!! The kids have a week left of summer break. They start back next Wednesday! I have to be a mean mom and say I am soooo glad! I have no rhyme or reason at my house during the summer. They stay up way late and then I love the quiet in the morning so I let them sleep late. It's a vicious cycle! In fact this is what I found Sunday morning when I went to wake up Hayden and Hensley for church!

In case you were wondering, yes, they do have beds. Why they choose to sleep on the wood floor, I have no idea! LOL! They are precious when they are sleeping aren't they?

So I will be glad to get the kids back on a normal sleeping schedule and take back my quiet evenings. Before school got out Hensley was in bed by 8pm. I don't know if I will ever get that back again. I would settle for 9pm.

I had Bunko last night and as usual it was a lot of fun! I have been subbing for a friend that couldn't do Tuesday nights but starting next month she will be able to make it again. But there is always someone gone so I'm sure I will just be a floating sub!

Monday night I went to dinner with a few of my hair clients. We went to Chili's and had a good time! My client Jennifer is older than Deb and I but she is so fun you wouldn't know it. She's the life of the party. I needed a few nights out. My patience is wearing very thin these days! It's being cooped up with these kids, I will be so glad when they can go outside and play more.

My mom is flying in on Saturday and will be here a little over a week. My dad will fly in next weekend for Landon's birthday and then they will leave together the day after. I can't believe Landon will be a year old in a week and a half! It doesn't seem possible. He's not quite walking without the use of furniture yet but he gets into everything just the same! I forgot what it was like to chase around a baby all day! He's got such a fun personality!

So in the scrapbooking world I have some changes going on. I am now on the personal CT of Ellie Lash who you know is my favorite designer. I will be in charge of running her CT Blog and I am sooo excited to be a part of her team! I am having so much fun! As of the end of August I will no longer be on the CT at ScrapMatters but I am excited for their re-grand opening on the 8th of August. Of course I will still be participating in their community because I just love everyone so much there and Ellie sells there but I am excited to branch out a little and have already met some great people in Ellie's CT and the ScpapOrchard community. And of course Ellie is a member of the Sunshine Girls and I love all the Sunshine Girls! So I am just really excited for this opportunity!

Did you see my new stinkin' cute blinkie on my sidebar? Feel free to snag it. It was made by fa11enan9e1 from ScrapOrchard. She has amazing talent. If you are looking for any kind of blinkie, she is definately who I would recommend!!! I have her blinkie on my sidebar also, it is linked to her store.

So this is what I have been busy doing this past week. Ellie and Shauna from Pineapple Plantation came out with a new kit called Summer Lovin' and I had so much fun working with it.

Click on the layouts for credits...

This last one was from ScrapOrchards very first Speed Scrap(Make it Snappy) Which I am excited to announce that there will be more of in the future. It was a lot of fun!!! I have missed the last 2 at ScrapMatters. I will keep you posted of upcoming Speed Scraps.

Also my niece is finally home from the hospital and is doing very well. I did a layout with her newborn pictures. Seriously, I cannot believe these newborn hospital pictures. They have a studio in the hospital now with props and stuff! My kids all have the same striped blanket in the background, laying in the bassinet with the same expression on their face! OOOOOO someone pulled the binkie out of my mouth!!! LOL!

...and here are 2 more that I worked on this week. 6 layouts in a week, that might just be a record for me!!!

Of course I wouldn't go this long without posting without giving out a freebie! I have a template from my Chasing Seagulls layout for you. Click on template for download!

We are hoping to get the CT Blog up and running by August 1st so I will keep you posted on that! Have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speed Scrap Preview and a Freebie!

I'm back and I have a preview of the participation prize for the Speed Scrap tomorrow night and a new freebie template! Brittney made the participation prize and it is such a fun mini kit you won't want to miss it. I love the colors...

So fun! Remember I am hosting this one so I hope to see you there. For those of you that don't know what a Speed Scrap is, I will be starting at 7pm (PST) and I will give you an instruction. Then every 10 min. I will give you another instruction and you will add to your page with what I tell you to add or embellish. You might start out with one picture but when I tell you to use a certain background paper it just might now be the paper for that photo! You never know what you will end up with but some of my speed scrap layouts are my favorite layouts.

I am trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon but my baby doesn't seem to want to take a nap! I've kicked my other kids out of the family room. I made a HUGE mistake of showing Hayden(my 7 year old) how to use the DVR. He's watching and rewinding and fast forwarding the same shows all day long! And then of course he has to act them all out. Which right now it's either Ben 10 or Star Wars so he's jumping all over the place. It's enough to make a sane person crazzzzy! I'm not even a sane person!LOL! So this morning I told him that the TV was broken and his dad would fix it when he was done working today. So he's forced to watch regular cable in his room without the DVR. Poor kid. So the moral of the story is do not teach your children how to work the DVR. We have at least 15 shows scheduled to record and every time we go to change the channel it warns us that we have 2 shows recording and do we want to cancel it! He's out of control! 3 weeks from today! Arizona is too hot for summer break! We should have our break during the winter so the kids can go outside!

I am on the second book of the Twilight series and I really like it. I'm trying to take my time so I won't be waiting too long for the last book to come out. Everyone that has read the book has told me that they didn't like the 2nd book but I have really enjoyed it. I haven't quite decided which team I'm on yet! I almost favor Jacob at this point. Please don't leave me mean comments, I haven't finished the series yet so I could change my mind! LOL! So I am going to get off the computer today so that I can read more of my book. But not without giving you your freebie. I made a template of my Daddy's Hands layout and if you missed the Word Art freebie from last month I have the link for you again! My layout has a hanging clip on it. I love that look. If you don't have any hanging clips in your collection check out Brittney's store at ScrapMatters, she has some great kits with hanging clips in them. She also has a template pack called 'Hang Em High.

Download Template HERE

Download WordArt HERE

See you on Friday for the new kit previews! Have a great day!