Friday, August 8, 2008

Our new CT Blog is up and running!!!

I am excited to tell you that after working very hard to get everything up and running, our official CT Blog is ready to go! You can check it out here. Tracy put the 1st post up early, early this morning and then I will be back later today to feature Ellie's new products and host a new challenge for our debut!!! We are waiting until this afternoon for ScrapMatters to open their brand new beautiful site! Looks more like 4pm PST before it will be ready! So check back in a little while because there will be a blog train and I will have a freebie on my blog!!! But for now go check out our new CT blog! There will be a download a day for our first month!!!

In a more personal note. Hayden and Hunter started school on Wednesday! It came really fast this year! Although I am not complaining! On the 1st day Hayden ended up on the wrong bus and back at the school! Yes, similar thing happened last year too! I haven't even put the pictures on my computer yet so I will have to post those later. Landon's birthday is in 2 days! I can't believe he will be 1. This year has flown by!!!

All right! That's it for this morning! Check back later for the blog train!!! It will start in ScrapMatters forum!!!


Anonymous said...

uh.. nice style..

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