Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy Monday!!!

Ohhh, it is such a lazy day! I have been down all weekend with what I'm guessing is a migraine. I've never had them before but I have been so sick and my head just kills and it makes me feel sick! Fun huh! I am feeling a little better today but I definitely am not feeling myself!!! I have been really busy with the new blog which I am having so much fun working on Ellie's team!!! My parents came into town, school started again and the baby had his 1st birthday last weekend. I think I just had too much going on at once.

So, as I mentioned before, my little Hayden started school. He's kind of having a hard time getting used to those long hours again. Hunter is doing good in 8th grade but he's never had a hard time with school, except for thinking he knows more than the teachers and then they don't like that very much! LOL!

Landon turned one on the 10th and I just can't figure out where the year has gone! He is such an awesome baby! He cracks me up daily! He is the happiest little boy! He truly is my little angel!
My sister-in-law and I went to Kiddie Kandids last Thursday and got Landon's 1 year pictures and Teaghan's 1 month pictures taken! They all turned out perfect!

Aren't all those just precious! I'm just so relieved that my baby is 1 year and sleeping through the night! I don't envy the newborn stage at all! She is precious though! I am really enjoying holding her, loving on her and then giving her back to mom and dad! It's usually the other way around!

Not much else is going on! My parents went back to Utah and will be back in October. Hensley will start preschool the day after labor day, she is asking to go to school everyday and can't understand why she can't go!

As for my scrapbooking, I have been busy getting Quick Pages done for the blog, of course I changed my blog again after working with the 'She Dreams' kit. It is one of my favorites. Here are a few things that I worked on this last week...

I've already used this picture but it just worked perfect with the page. This is my 1st QP for the blog.

This is my 2nd QP. My mom brought this dress from Utah for Hensley! It is the prettiest little Sunday Dress.

This layout was for the Speed Scrap last Monday at ScrapMatters. I love this picture of Landon. I actually just caught it at the right time. He was smiling up at my mom when we were at Lagoon in Utah back in June. The kit I used is 'Country Stars' from Ellie Lash.

I've made some freebies this week also. They are for the team blog and available there.

This a template made by yours truly. It is for Challenge Me Thursday... it is a journaling challenge to tell a story of your pictures.

This is the WordArt that goes with the QP download of the day.

And this is for the Weekend Project. It is a template for a Bingo Card. You can customize your cards however you want. I used the 'So Sweet' mini kit that was part of Ellie's Grab Bag.

Also, don't forget that there is still the Download of the day. You can find all of these fabulous treats at our Ellie's Angels' CT Blog.

I also have received a fun little reward from sweet JillianRoze but I will have to come back in the next couple of days to pass this on! My children are losing patience with this long blog post!

On a very,very sad note, NieNie from nieniedialogues and her mr. nielson were in an private airplane crash here is Arizona. I'm really not sure what is going to happen. The pilot died yesterday. I am very sad!

I will see you soon!


Jillian Rose said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable. My daughter turns one in a couple months. She would never sit still enough to get such great shots.. you turn your back for a second and she's on the other side of the room.

Julie said...

Those pictures are so precious!! How have you been lately? Hows the headaches?