Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where are my widgets???

My widgets are gone! Oh my! I was playing with my blog again and bye bye! But I am actually getting ready to transition over to word press! I find it a lot more user friendly since I've been writing the team blog! I will let you know! So in the meantime, if you need me just shoot me a comment!
Hensley started preschool today. YAY! I actually tried to get her into a five day a week one but it hasn't happened yet! LOL! Hayden is getting used to his schedule and Hunter is already in trouble with teachers. His problem is he is too smart. He challenges everything you say and talks down to you! His Spanish teacher is not liking it! What can you do? His mom says it's no big deal. I guess she wouldn't since she's the same way!
Landon is still not walking yet! It looks like he is going to be like his brother and sister and wait until 13 months. I really think he could he just won't.
I am officially not on ScrapMatters CT as of yesterday. They should be announcing their new CT soon. It's kind of bittersweet, I will miss them but then I will have more time to do things that I have put off. I scrapped myself crazy the last week of the month! I will try to put a slide show up today or tomorrow. I did well over 20 layouts the month of August! Whew!
So, I will be back soon with a freebie and maybe a new blog! This one will still be here with the link to my new one and all my freebies on this blog will remain active!


Channon said...

Welcome back. Keep us posted and updated if you do a new blog.