Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where's Ellie???

So you found your way to me! Are you ready for your next freebie and link? Are we getting closer? You'll find out! Here is your next freebie! Inside is tomorrow's link and another fabulous template from Lisa! Lisa has saved me this week! Thank you Lisa, you are a true Angel!!!

Download Here

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Night Out!

Tonight I get to get all dressed up and attend a yearly event that my husbands company provides every October. We stay in a 5 star resort, have an incredible dinner and most importantly, I get to sleep in tomorrow morning! I am very excited! I am in need of a night away from the kids, we both are.
Just a few things before I leave. We have brought the Speed Scrap to Scrapbookgraphics...

Tomorrow night at 8pm(est) we will have a mgl Style Speed Scrap in the SBG Chat Room. I will be hosting tomorrow and would love to see you there!

Also, for those of you in my area(Mesa, Az) There is a benefit concert for Stephanie(NieNie Dialogues) and Christian Nielson at Mountain View High School Auditorium tonight at 7pm. Mindy Gledhill, who is one of Stephanie's childhood friends and singer/songwriter will be performing. NieNie's girls Claire and Jane will be performing a song with her. There will be crying! But what a wonderful thing! People are actually flying in from Colorado, California and Buffalo to attend this event. Tickets are still available!

$15 tickets available now at

and at Pioneer Book in Mesa

2820 E University Dr # 102

Mesa, AZ 85213
(480) 832-8433
If you don't know about the details about NieNie there are links on my sidebar. I read her sisters blog daily to get updates! You will be amazed by the generosity of the blogging world, or maybe you won't, it's so big yet so small. I promise you will laugh and you will cry. The latest news is that the doctor's are slowly waking her up from her 2 month slumber!
I made some flair buttons for you today to sport on your blogs or forums if you wish. They are 600px so you will need to resize them down. I also included the PSD format for my flair so that you can make your own flair! I would love to see what you come up with!
Download Here

Don't you love my new product preview! Flerg's is the best!
Also, make sure you check our Angels' team blog tomorrow, we will be starting our Where's Ellie Week. This means a blog hop and a daily download for you. We will search for Ellie until we find where her new home could be!!!

One more thing! I have entered a Design Contest at SunshineStudioScraps! YAY! My first assignment is due Tuesday by midnight! Stay tuned and wish me luck!

That's all for now! I am all packed and ready to go for my night away! Have a fabulous weekend! I hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Speed Scrap!

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Team blog for mgl Scraps!!!

I'm now on Monica's(mgl Scraps) Creative Team and part of her Team Blog! Fun Stuff! You will have to check it out! There are some fun new things happening in the next few weeks! Can't wait to reveal some of them! Until I can I guess I will show you my latest layouts with Monica's 'Nameless kit' hint-available in her grab bag soon to be opened up! Both are layouts of Hunter...

So to recap... Monica's new Blog here.
Monica's new Team Blog here and
Studio mgl here.
And, fun changes coming....that's all I can say!

Ok, and do you want a sneak peak of my new Header! Made by Flergs down under...

Isn't it beyond gorgeous? Thank you Flerg's for the header and Thank you Ellie for making me a new beautiful blog! (To be revealed very soon!)

Until later! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Got me some lovin's!!!

I keep waiting to post until I had a freebie to give all of you, but at this rate I may never post. I have gotten 3 sweet awards that I have been shamelessly neglecting. So while I am sitting here watching my little guy tot around my house, forgetting how stinking cute it is when they first start walking and trying to ignore the fact that i have 5 kids today(watching my friend Misti's kids) and one of them just hid in my dryer, I am going to write a post.

First of all, sweet JillianRoze sent me an 'I love your blog' award...

...and then another fun member from my CafeMom group PinkaholicMom from Aloha Monkey Tales tagged me. By the way she has a way cute blog and then another blog dedicated to 'Twilight' which I haven't checked out yet because I just finished the 3rd book.

Then this morning I had another message from sweet JillianRoze(PriddySweetScraps).

This award is called the
"Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around The World Award".
Originally this award was written in Spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world.

So I am supposed to tell you 8 things about myself that you didn't know, I hope I can think of that many!

1- I have 6 brothers and 4 sisters.

2- I've been to Hawaii once when I was 12. (Too young to fully appreciate the beauty)

3- I was born in Oregon.

4- I wrote a screen play when I was 13. (I didn't like the way North and South ended)

5- I fed all the stray cats when I was little so they would stay and we'd end up keeping them.

6- I played the violin for 6 years.

7- I had a horse when I was 4.

8- I have a tatoo on my back of daisies and ivy.

Whew! I had to dig deep there. And now to pass these on. These people have awesome blogs, are amazing people in some way or are truly good friends and some, all of the above... TAG, you're it!

Ellie Lash

Flerg's (Have you seen her new blog)




NieNie (Still being updated by her sister)

CJaneRun (NieNie's sister)

Aloha Monkey

Rachel (A friend since I was in 7th grade)



I know I could think of a ton more!

Also, I have had some requests for me to tell the my daughter and the bishop story so quickly, here goes...

We have our primary presentation and so the kids sit up on the stand. Hensley is a sunbeam so she is right in front and the bishop is sitting directly behind her. I don't know why, maybe she's got a huge badankadonk that I don't realize but she always, always has a wedgie, ALWAYS! So Hensley in the middle of the presentation lifts her dress up almost to her head and pulls out her wedgie, with the bishop directly behind her! What are you going to do? I always thought little girls were prim and proper! I have learned a lot having a girl!