Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Excited for the Holidays!

I absolutely love the holidays. As soon as Thanksgiving is over I start decorating for Christmas and all that fun stuff. Thanksgiving is an ok holiday for us. My husbands family is a little, oh how do I say it nicely, dysfunctional! Ha Ha, not trying to be mean but I am just surprised sometimes by how they act. My parents are very quiet people and we never fight about anything. My husband is a sweet heart and so is his dad but throw his mom, sister and my nieces in the mix and they are just not happy unless there is some drama going on. They even will make stuff up if it's been a little too quiet and peaceful. My step-son is just as bad. The older grandchildren will have a contest to see who can feel the most sorry for them in their hard hard lives. Everything can be going along just fine and then my step-son will tell my mother in law that he is going to live with his mom because he has it too hard at his dad's house. We are so mean, we make him do chores, and he has brothers and a sister he has to deal with and if he gets in trouble he is disciplined. I know, someone call CPS. Didn't mean to go on a rant, just thinking about Thanksgiving. Last year we didn't even eat until 7pm. Juice was spilled in the oven so we spent a few hours outside because the smoke alarms were so loud we couldn't stand to stay in the house. It is kind of funny to think back now, it's a good thing we live in Arizona or it would have been kind of cold outside. So I guess we will see how it goes. I guess I kind of got off of my original subject. It is kind of different here in AZ though.The weather is still really nice so you have to remind yourself that it is Christmas time. There are Christmas lights on Palm Trees and Cactus. Growing up in Utah, it was so cold and every year we would go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City and walk around and then go across the street to the Crossroads Mall and shop. I still can't stand the cold, but snow is so pretty. ScrapMatters has a new Christmas Kit in their store called Holly, Jolly, Ho Ho Ho by Andilynn Designs. I used it on my Blog Banner. I absolutely love this kit. I love the Holly Berries and the little tags that say Naughty and Nice. It is such a fun kit.


Andrea (Andilynn Designs) said...

Oh I can't believe I didn't know about this! Your blinkie and the blog header are so cute!!! Thanks for using my kit to make them! I love them!