Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Obsession!!!

I made it back with the Tuesday Template Challenge. This weeks challenge was to scrapbook your obsession. So I was trying to think which of my obsessions I should scrapbook about. My kids, no, everyone knows that my kids are my obsession. My computer, digital scrapbooking, no surprise there. So I decided to scrapbook one of my fun obsessions. My Roxy flip flops...

I know, it's a problem. It drives my husband crazy! At least their flip flops! I could have Coach purse addiction...oh wait I do!!! LOL!

Don't forget Speed Scrap tomorrow night! 7pm PST! It's going to be fun!!! I'm also feeling another template coming on!!! Maybe a little Father's Day Word Art!!!

So, I came to the realization that I have too many dogs! I am overwhelmed with 6 dogs and 4 kids. So today I finally broke down and put 2 of my doxies on Craig's list. Brandon has been asking me to for a couple of months now. I had to keep one of the puppies so I had the mommy, daddy and baby, plus my husbands Black Lab Ranger, my Llasa Apso Romeo and another Daschund who is the old man Waldo and the same age as Hunter. Way too many dogs! 10 minutes after I had posted to Craig's list I had a phone call, 4 calls in total, all wanting both dogs to keep them together. A lady showed up tonight with her 2 boys and took home my Dax and Rowdy. I kept Paige who is the momma. I feel bad but I know it is the best thing for all the dogs. I was so overwhelmed by all of them that I just kept them all outside and now it is too hot for them to be outside all the time. Also Dax and Rowdy will have a great home with 2 boys that will play with them.

So Sad!!! The lady said she would keep in touch! At least I still have Paige, she was the runt of her litter and is just little. She loves to play catch and when my baby is crying she comes and gets me and follows me until I pick him up and he stops crying. She's my favorite. So now we have 4 dogs.

OK, I've been tagged again! This is going to be hard!!!

I married someone who's mother insisted that all his kids needed to be named with the same letter. He already had Hunter, so then we had Hayden and Hensley and thought we were done. Then our little surprise miracle baby came and I loved the name Landon from 'A Walk to Remember' My mother in law is still mad at me and wouldn't call him by his first name for the 1st month of his life! She would introduce him to people as Heath because that was the middle name we gave him, just in case he felt left out! I would do it all over again! I love his name!!!

I still cry at the end of 'Sense and Sensibility'

I have 6 brothers and 4 sisters and haven't seen 3 of them since I was 16 years old.

I love going to the ocean. I don't make it there very often but when I do I love the sound of the crashing waves.

I love the smell of rain. The Monsoon season in Arizona is awesome! Hot Rain and a relief from the heat! I love Arizona!!!

I hate snow and the cold, that's why I am here in Arizona and not still in Utah!

I love to put my Ipod on and sing and dance around the house. But only when I'm alone or with my kids.

Now I am tagging...

My friend from Jr. High and High School Rachel- http://www.everylittlememory.blogspot.com/

My favorite blog Flergs- http://flergsblog.blogspot.com/

I love Pineapple Plantation(have you heard her lizard story?)- http://pineappleplantation.blogspot.com/

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Ok there you go, I'm going to read my book! I'm likin' this Edward guy a lot!!! My friend Misti sent me a little saying from MySpace...

Someone should sue Disney for making little girls think that there is a Prince Charming!!!

I loved it!!! My poor friend Krista is depressed that she is done with the 3 books that are out and has to wait until August for the last one!!! And that someone like Edward does not exist! I think I will pace myself!!!

Have a great night and I hope to see you tomorrow night at ScrapMatters!!! Don't forget you have to be registered to the forum to participate and to post in the gallery!!!


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