Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you ready for this?

All of a sudden I have a very old late 80's early 90's song in my head. You know the one! This is going to be a huge post, so I thought it only fair to make you a freebie to go along with it. First of all, I'm sure you noticed my redesign of my blog again, unless you're my friend Misti and when I told her to go check out my blog because I worked so hard on it and stayed up until a ridiculous hour finishing it and my blinkie she Instant Messaged me 'What am I looking for'? Hello Misti!!! LOL!!! Gotta love her!

So, the kit that I designed my blog with is called 'Sprite' and it is a collaboration between none other than Britt-ish Designs and Erica Zane. They also of course have freebies on their blogs to coordinate.

Funny story! My husband is always wondering why I need to check my email and blog and ScrapMatters and my CafeMom group throughout the day. I always tell him that the Digital Scrapbooking world may go on without me. So, last Friday I was soooo busy doing hair and completing this graduation scrapbook for a friend and didn't have time to check anything! I checked my email Saturday morning and had an email from HappyScrapGirl telling me that she had 'Tagged Me' and to check her blog!(Still to come, remember, mondo post!!!) So I go to HSG's blog and start looking at her freebies list and all of the sudden I see 2 freebies, one from Britt and one from Erica Zane that looked like a Tinkerbell theme! See, the digital scrapbook world went on without me and released the kit I have always been waiting for. My SassyPixie is actually my daughter because she's got so much spunk and we also went through a big Tinkerbell phase when she was about 2. She's moved on to Disney Princesses but I'm still stuck on Tink. Just a background story!!!

So I promised the Hunter hair story, but now it is been so long and hyped up it probably won't even be that interesting but here goes.

Anyone that knows me at all know that I can't stand Hunter's long 'skater' hair. It was a battle that I gave up on long ago. So about a month ago Hunter started talking about cutting his hair because it's hot and doesn't even look good and so on and so on. I keep my mouth shut because if I say something like, 'Hunter, I really like that shirt' he will never wear it again. Is it a teenage thing? I really don't know!

On Memorial Day we had Brandon's family over for a BBQ and I of course was doing everyone's hair. Hunter decides he wants me to cut his hair but he has always wanted to cut his own hair and just play with it and then when he is done messing it up then I get give him a summer haircut! Yay!!!

So we are all watching him cut his hair and it's kind of funny because he's taking a little off this side and a little off that side and chop chop and I don't even what how he messed up his bangs as bad as he did. A little layering, which even though he thinks he is a master with the scissors, he is not. So let's just go with the phrase, 'All jacked up'!

Which is fine because I get to shave it off when he is done right? Wrong! He decides he doesn't want his hair short and even though it is 'Jacked Up' he doesn't want me touching it because if he just lets it grow through the summer it will be fine for school.

So I'm thinking, I know his mother is not going to let him go around in public like that and she will make him fix it. Wrong again. She tells him to wear a hat this summer and it will be fine for school!!! So frustrated!!! The kid gets away with whatever he wants. Anytime we do anything that he doesn't like he gets his mother or my in-laws involved and it ends up all out war. So now I get to look at this terrible haircut and know that people are wondering if I did it!!! I'm frustrated all over again!

You think he would have learned last summer that you can't cut your own hair with the whole Hensley incident. For all you new readers and for those who just never heard the story this is what happened last July, one month before Landon was born...

Really sad!!! For a while she had a mullet until it was long enough for me to cut it into an A-Line Bob. It's now to her chin, almost a year later!

So I mentioned that I had been tagged by my chickadee HappyScrapGirl!

So here goes...

I have been a Cosmetologist for 15 years.

I have 6 dogs, I get puppy hungry like most people get baby hungry. My favorite are Daschunds(weiner dogs)

I hate to cook and if I could get away with it I would have take-out every night of my life.

I was born in Oregon, grew up in Utah and live in Arizona.

I am a recovering shop-a-holic. At one point my step-son thought the U.P.S truck was the QVC truck and my husband realized there might be a problem when the U.P.S driver brought a dog treat for my dog. I know, I'm not proud.

I sold Mary Kay Cosmetics for 6 years and at one point drove a red Mary Kay car.

I have a crazy obsession that I NEED every pair of ROXY flip flops out there. There are some styles that I have in every color!!! Love Roxy Flip Flops!

There you go, a few random facts about me!

I am tagging...

Ginger - GingerScraps

Stacy(Tater) - TaterScraps

Heather - Joy Revisited

I was kind of MIA this past week because last Sunday my external hard drive took a dive. So then of course I had a melt down because that was 60GB of 8 years worth of pictures, 4 years worth of Digital Scrapbooking Goodies and all my pages. Finally on Wednesday, Julie, who did my murals, her husband came over and saved what was on the hard drive so that I was able to put it back on my computer. 'Sigh' of relief. So I missed Ellie's template challenge and the Speed Scrap on Tuesday. Ellie's challenge is still on until next Tuesday so I still may be able to get to it.

The ScrapMatters store has exploded with new products this last week. I am amazed by how much new fun stuff they have. I seriously will never get this posted if I post every single one so I am going to highlight a few of my favorites but you seriously need to check out their store to see everything!!!

We also have a new Collaboration kit by Andilynn Designs, SHARIng Creations and HappyScrapGirl. It is called Refresh and it is such a fun summer kit!!!

It also has the color scheme of the Saturday Special Challenge. Here is my take on it...

And the kit we are using this month for our Quick Page Exchange is Flower Girl from GG Designs...

Whew!!! That was a lot of business!!!

OK, so a few more things before I go. 1st, I don't know if any of you are a 'DigiTreat' stalker, but I am. I stumbled on her blog about a month ago and was instantly a daily visitor. She has 3 different Alphabet kits. Skip, Run and Jump. She gives away a piece everyday but once it falls off her 1st page then it goes into her store. I came into it about the beginning of I and the end of her personalized name kits, luckily for me I discovered her just in time to order one for each of my kids...

So my wonderful intentions this summer is to make each of my kids an Alphabet book and then have it published by Heritage Makers into an actual book! This is my wonderful intention, but you know me and my projects...oh wait, you don't because my hard drive crashed before I could post last Saturday's 'So Me' challenge by Tater. She gave the challenge because while she was on the computer, trying to think up a challenge her husband was picking up around her and said, 'Do you think you have enough flip flops? And what are all these half empty bottles of water?' The 'So Me' challenge was born and I laughed out loud when I read the email and read it out loud to my husband. He said, "That sounds familiar, you on the computer scrapbooking, me picking up all of your flip flops and half empty cans of Dr. Pepper." I instantly had to email Tater and tell her that it was 'So Me' also but that I would have to come up with a different one. This was my end result...

So, as I was saying, really good intentions. And I will certaintly post it as I go along. I am going to start with Hayden 1st. I also thought I might post the template for each letter. Another project to put on my list. So far this week I've only completed Tawny's graduation book because her graduation party was last weekend. LOL. So Me!

I had to cut Landon's hair again. That is 3 haircuts and he isn't quite 10 months yet. The kid has a full head of hair. He was born with a full head of black hair. So black I was afraid my husband was going to wonder who the father was if it wasn't for the fact that all 4 of his children are clones of when he was a baby.

I just sit him in his Bumbo on my salon chair and he let's me cut his hair. He's such a good baby! He is crawling all over the house, actually jungle crawling around the whole house. He can get up on all fours but when it comes to getting around he drops down a pulls himself all over the house! Nothing is safe anymore.

I also got his pictures back this week...

I have to admit I am a little disapointed. These 9 month pictures are such a big deal and they did not capture how stinking cute he is. I guess I was just expecting something more like Hayden's.

They are very cute though!

Well, I will leave with one more thought tonight.(Does it take anyone else 2 days to do a blog post?) Just curious. I think I just need to keep up on it more often.

I have heard about the book 'Twilight' for months now. In fact it was on my book shelf for probably at least 4 months and then my friend took it to give to another friend to read. I keep thinking, I am just not into the whole Vampire thing, especially since I decided that my sister-in-law is an actual Vampire! Ha Ha! LOL! Only some of you will really appreciate this because you have actually met her. So back to the book. My friend Krista is telling me earlier this week that her friend had given her this book to read and she seriously has never, ever read a book. The next day she tells me that she was up the whole night reading this book and for the 1st time ever she can actually see in her mind what she is reading. I love reading, but haven't read a book since I was working in a very slow salon during the summer of 2005. It was a Mary Higgins Clark book, she is my absolute favorite author. I love mystery novels!

So I decided that I must read 'Twilight' I went from store to store the last couple of days and could only find the brand new book. Finally today I went into Borders in our mall and found a copy. I am going to read a book tomorrow. I am not going to turn on my computer and I am going to read this book! So I will tell you if I liked it when I am back on Monday. I am a little burnt out on the computer after being obsessed with fixing the stinkin' hard drive.

So you made it through my novel post. Either that or you scrolled down until you found the download link. It's actually at the 1st of my post. JK!

Here is my freebie template. It is from my Special Saturday Challenge. Enjoy!

Download Link HERE

Have a great rest of your weekend!!! I'm outta here, I am exhausted and my Muse has gone to bed without me!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

channon said...

I love your post about the to do list and projects half done. I will have to show that to my husband. he will laugh. I have half empty water bottles and half empty Dr. Pepper cans. And about 10 piles of half done tasks on my desk down stairs and 3 on the dining room table. And I have 45 unfinished projects in my Heritage Makers account. good luck with your books of your children

Jeni Hopewell said...

Thanks for the freebie! I love that LO!! Thanks for the tag - I'll try to do it but I'm just really boring and don't know if I can come up with 7 things!! : ) Your kiddos are adorable!!!

Super Daysh said...

Wohoo! I've never been tagged by anyone other than family! I'll have to fill it out on my blog here in the next day or so! Thanks! And I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

so I loved this post even though I've never been to your blog before, and I just had to comment.

About Vampire books:

I don't read them either, or that's what I told myself, until The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova was reccomended to me. Then after staring at it's beautiful cover at bookstores for a long time, six moths later I picked up Twilight at my local library and was hooked. I also read one other vampire book but it wasn't any good (The cover was pretty though, I so judge books by their covers all the time.) Both the vampire book I read and enjoyed are somewhat non-traditional as far as Vampire books go, and much to my relief I haven't suddenly started reading every vampire book I can get my hands on, my reading habits have remained much the same with the exception of gushing over Twilight and its sequels every time someone mentions them (like you did.) So in summary I hope you like it and I'll be back to see your verdict.

Oh and I supposed I should thank you for the template, for which I am very grateful.

Anonymous said...

good one! i just made even more fresh emo backgrounds for my blog