Thursday, May 29, 2008


OMG! Is anyone a LOST fan! Just watched the season finale. I don't think I would ruin it for anyone. Isn't Pacific the last time zone? If not you probably better stop reading for a while! AHH! How is Locke in the casket? How is he even off the island? I'm dying! Well at least last years questions have been answered, now for this years questions. Like, where did the island go? And more importantly, where is Sawyer? He is so on my list! You know the one! Him and McDreamy! OK, I promise, story tomorrow, I have to go to bed!!!


Happy Scrap Girl said...

Okay NOT reading your post -cause I haven't watched it yet, LOL!

Stop by my blog - you've been tagged!

SissyMerks said...

I am addicted to the show. Every time I watch I alway have more questions then answers. I am hoping that this last season will finally give me all the answers. I hope it's not one of those shows that ends and leaves you hanging!