Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

It's National Scrapbook Day today, YAY! And I am sitting here, my husband had to go into work and my real quick appointment turned into a double process color! Oh well, I'm here now! So I posted my challenge at ScrapMatters. I had it all ready to go, I was just waiting for midnight to post it. So 11:30 I layed down for just a minute because I couldn't see straight, I am such a party animal!!! Well, then I am dreaming about NSD, I know, scary huh and woke up a t 4am. So I got out of bed, came out in the dark and proceded to post my challenge. OK, so 4 hours late! I hope the members in Australia weren't too irritated with me. LOL! So just a quick preview of my participation prize and layout that I did for the challenge.

You can check out my journaling challenge here.

Also there is a new Saturday Special challenge in the team blog, check it out here.

OK,now my baby is crying, next year I am checking into a hotel. LOL!

Happy Scrapping!!!