Wednesday, August 8, 2007

1st Day of School

So school started today. My stepson started Jr. High and my 6 year old Hayden started 1st grade. I've already been nervous about him going all day, you know the usual. So I take him this morning. Just a waddlin', and he was completely fine but I just felt so sad leaving him there. I know it's the hormones but I just wanted to cry but I didn't because I knew that would be worse for him. I watched the clock all day and was excited to go to the bus stop and get him. The bus shows up, kids get off, No Hayden. I call the school, he's still there, somehow he ended up in the parent pick up line, which I guess that is better than getting on the wrong bus, I just felt so bad for him. He seems fine to go back tomorrow. Anyway, I didn't think it would be this hard for me. Kindergarten wasn't even this hard, but he was only half day. Oh well, I guess I can't keep him home forever. I just have 2 more days until my C-section, I'm excited but scared. I haven't posted a page for a while. I worked on this one today while I was waiting for school to let out!