Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dr. Appt.

Well, I went to the doctor today and he checked me and I still haven't dilated at all. I'm pretty sure this is why I had the 1st emergency C-Section to start with, I don't think I do dilate. I never got past a 2 with Hayden. So it looks like I will be having this baby next Friday, which is fine. I still have to get Hayden to school on Wednesday. I would feel bad if I couldn't take him to meet the teacher or to his 1st day of 1st grade next week. I can't believe he is going into 1st grade, that makes me so sad. Hensley will start preschool in September! I am excited to get this baby here and move forward with life. I feel like I have been in limbo for months now!!!


- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Preschool is fun. My baby is starting first grade this year.

Happy pushing (or happy diapering or happy Demerol!).