Thursday, January 24, 2008

Internet withdrawls

So, Tuesday afternoon I opened my laptop to check my email, gallery, Scrapmatters Blog, the things I like to check throughout the day and I had no internet. I played with it for a while and then we left to go across the street to my mom and dads house because it was my moms birthday. We were busy that night so Wednesday morning I got on the computer and I still had no internet. So I called Cox to make sure I wasn't late or something on my bill and I wasn't so they tried to walk me through it on the phone and nothing worked. They needed to send someone out and their earliest was today between 10 and 12. So about 1 the guy shows up and is here forever trying to fix it. Somehow we had been completely disconnected, shut down. The guy thinks that someone got the wrong house or street or something and disconnected the wrong house. Anyway, my email wouldn't even work, I found out from a friend today that it was bouncing everything back. I had to reactivate that even. So, I have my internet back and I have realized that I depend way too much on it. I didn't even know what to do with myself. Way too much time on the computer! Oh well! So I have been MIA for a couple of days.

We have a fun new challenge this week with ScrapMatters. It is a numbers challenge. You can check it out here. Here is my entry...The challenge is the numbers of the date 1/22/08, so I have 1 photo only, 2 alphas at least, 2 word title only, 0 ribbons or wraps and 8 or more flowers! I thought this was a real fun challenge. It is hosted by Brittney.

Have you checked out the store yet? So much fun! My layout is using the Love Letters kit by Scrappy Blue Stones. Awesome kit!!! Love it!!!

There is just so much new in the store but today when I checked it out. I was soooo excited to see a new kit by Ellie Lash...

So cute!!! I was barely thinking I needed a Hawaiian themed kit but now I can't remember why! He He! I need to start writing things down. Here are just a few of the great kits available in the store right now.

These are just a few, there is a ton of new stuff in the store!!! I can't wait to start scrappin'