Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winding down!!!

I don't know about you, but I feel a real let down after Christmas is over. We spend so much time and money shopping, decorating and wrapping. I get so excited just thinking of what I've gotten for the kids, I can't wait for them to open there gifts and to see their excitement. Then Christmas finally comes and they open their gifts faster than it took me to wrap their first presents. By the end of the day I just feel a little sad that all the anticipation is over. Our family has always done things a little different that the traditional Christmas. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we share Hunter with his mother and then my husbands parents do a ton for the kids, really a lot more than what they need. Because of this we always get up very early Christmas morning, wake up our kids and take them over to my in-laws house to open their presents over there. We usually just have the kids open their presents from us on Christmas Eve because there is no time in the morning to open and by the time we get home from everyone's house on Christmas it is usually night time. I really wish that we could have the traditional Christmas where our kids wake us up in the morning and come out to see what Santa has brought them. This year the kids didn't even see their Santa presents until late that night. But the whole Christmas morning thing is important to my in-laws. I guess I sound like a complainer, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, it just feels so rushed and crazy all the time. Anyway, that is the end of my thoughts on that. The Saturday before Christmas we had some excitement. My little Daschund Paige had her 1st litter of puppies. I don't think I will ever do that to her again. Poor thing had 5 puppies. We own the daddy. Paige was supposed to only be here long enough to breed with Dax but then we have never been able to get a hold of the owner of Paige, so I guess that makes us the owner. Anyway, I have never seen this before and it was awesome yet quite disturbing at the same time. My sister-in-law helped us since she had done this sort of thing before. I thought they just had them and took care of everything but Brigette had to help her with every puppy. Two of them she had to pull out because Paige was so tired she wouldn't push. We lost the runt on Christmas Eve. She wasn't even strong enough to nurse. I was so sad! That was my Roxy that we lost. So now we have an extra dog and 4 puppies. Which makes 9 dogs! Yikes!!! I have homes for 2 of the puppies. I need to find a home for the other 2 also. They are so cute though. Little tiny wiener dogs. I thought I might keep breeding them, but after watching her go through all that and losing 1 of them I don't think I want to do that to her ever again.

On brighter notes, my baby rolled over for the 1st time today! I was starting to get worried because I haven't been giving him a lot of floor time, mostly due to his acid reflux. Tummy time really bothers him and I have to wait awhile after feeding him to lay him down. He's not too far behind when Hayden rolled over the 1st time. Hensley rolled over at 3 months but both boys have been in their 4th month.

I have had some time to scrapbook with all the excitement going on. Here are a few of my layouts I have done for ScrapMatters.

I scrapbooked my kids 9 month pictures which were both done at this Kiosk in one of the mall's here. They do heritage type pictures. Hensley's is done with Rose's Secret Garden kit by Andilynn Designs. I knew this kit would be a perfect match for her pictures. I did Hayden's with Private TMR kit by Scrapped Treasures.(Teresa P.) I love how both of these pages came out. I haven't scrapped them earlier because I wanted them to be perfect!

This page was done using Ellie's Adam kit! I love the colors! It is a perfect baby or kid kit.

This page was done for a Font Challenge at ScrapMatters. Brittney's challenge was to do a page with this fun font You Are Loved. The page also had to have at least 2 buttons, 1 patterned paper, 2 photos and of course the font!!! You can check out the challenge here.
I used Melissa Ortega's Xmas 2007 kit for this challenge. The buttons came from Ellie's Merry and Bright kit. The frames are from one of Ellie's freebie's on her blog.
I got a new printer and a digital photo frame for Christmas. I still need to set up my new printer. Fun, fun, fun!!! I got the new printer so I could print out my own pages, I've decided to switch to 8x8 size but now I have all my layouts on my photo frame so I probably won't print out as many as I was before! Still fun!