Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Check out my flair!!!

Did you see my way cute flair on my blog! Flergs made two sets of flair from her 'Evilicious' and 'What dreams may come' kits! Absolutely love it!!! If you haven't heard the story behind her 'Evilicious' kit you really need to head over and read about it! So funny! While your at it head over to Pineapple Plantation to read how Shauna and her family were headed for Utah and ended up in Tijuana! I love Shauna, she is hilarious! Yes I have been blog hopping today, among other things! I have a Scavenger Hunt going on over in my CafeMom group as a Happy Birthday event. It's going very well, but while I've been checking my messages and sending links to a kit that I made(scary huh) I have been keeping myself busy doing a CafeMom beach Scavenger Hunt and it is very addicting. So, in a nutshell, I have not been productive at all this week! One productive thing I have done this week is host the Tuesday Challenge at ScrapMatters. The challenge is to scrapbook a summer tradition. Here is one of my favorite childhood traditions that I am trying to give to my children. It's a little harder living in Arizona but not impossible.

Credits Here

Challenge will end on Tuesday. I will pick 2 winners for a $5 GC from the ScrapMatters store. My favorite and a random winner.

Details and download is on the team blog.

All right, I am going to watch a movie with my hubby. 2 out of 3 kids are sleeping and the oldest is with his mom! Yay! Quiet time! Have a good night!


drama queens mum said...

Hi. I'm thinking of getting into scrapbooking. I need to organize all of my daughter's photos & that would be a good way to display them. She'll be 1 in a few weeks & I really need to start organizing. I have so many pics. Any hints or ideas about getting into scrapbooking? I don't even know where to buy a scrapbook. haha. I got a few for gifts.

Anonymous said...

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