Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Template Challenge

We have a new challenge at ScrapMatters today and I have to say that this was one of the funnest templates I have used in a long time. Very simple and endless possibilities. The Challenge is hosted by Rhonda and she created the template!

Credits here

You can download the template in the Team Blog or the forum. Remember there will be a favorite and a random picked by Rhonda for a $5 GC to ScrapMatters!

So far this week I have accomplished DEEP cleaning my kids rooms, you know clothes and toys and all that stuff. I have a ridiculous amount of baby clothes that I need to pass onto someone and Landon will not stay in anything that confines him now so I also need to find a home for his jumper and saucer. He had his first Dum Dum today at Peter Piper Pizza. I was trying to appease him so the kids could play a little bit longer. There is this new Deal or No Deal game at Peter Piper Pizza and poor Hunter waited the whole time(at least 2 hours) for this middle aged guy to stop playing it. I'll have to take him back because when he politely asked the man if him and his brother could maybe have a turn the man told him, 'Yes, it's my turn' Seriously????

Anyway, it gives me a chance to get the kids out of the house. I decided my next home will have a basement so the kids can just go wild and I will keep my sanity. Is it time for school yet? LOL!

My niece is doing good. She will still be in the hospital for at least another week but I was able to hold her last night. She was in the room with Brigette and Wes. They are still there 'nesting' I guess. She looks so much like Hensley did!

I am working on a freebie, hopefully tomorrow I will post it and don't forget the Speed Scrap on Thursday night 7pm (PST) I am hosting! Woo Hoo. I will post the participation prize as soon as Brittney gives it to me!

Have a great day and head over to ScrapMatters for the new challenge!